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Talent Mapping

Talent mapping is one of the most important steps in the talent acquisition process

What is Talent Mapping?

Talent mapping is one of the most important steps in the talent acquisition process. It is a goal-oriented, comprehensive process for identifying and assessing the talent pool within a target industry. Talent mapping should be done regularly for both short-term and long-term recruitment strategies.

Talent mapping exercise is also a key step in building a robust talent pipeline. It’s a systematic process that can be done either with an in-house consultant or with the help of experts like us.

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Why Work with Us for Talent Mapping?

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    Benefits of Talent Mapping

    Better, Faster and Cheaper Recruitment


    Amazing Cost Savings

    Traditional outsource recruitment models cost a lot, but our Talent Mapping service is a low-cost and much more flexible option.


    Insight as well as Talent

    Our research also includes mapping competitors and analyzing their organization design to help you improve recruitment and shape organizational developments.


    International Reach

    Our team has significant experience in searching the market, both in the UK and overseas and across a wide range of industries.


    Recruitment Marketing

    We can help your business grow by providing highly accurate and relevant data relating to your market, which can positively impact on your business development plans. This specialist service also provides you with details of executive talent for head hunting purposes.


    Recruitment Research

    Our research team is not only highly skilled in finding suitable job and career candidates, but we also use the web to find data relating to facts and figures for marketing and business development. This is highly customised, industry specific service designed to meet your needs.



    We fully understand that recruitment business is often subject to fluctuations in workload so at times when you are working at full capacity, we can provide additional all-round support to ensure you don’t lose vital new clients.

    Why Work With Us For Talent Mapping

    Let an expert team save you time and money


    Free Trial

    Get a free trial before you sign up. No credit card, no pre-payment to start.


    Dedicated Resources

    We provide dedicated resources that will serve as an extension of your team.


    T-shaped Skills

    Our team have the ability to collaborate with your in-house team.


    Value for Money

    Pay for just one resource and leverage the expertise of an entire team.


    Zero Overheads

    Pay only for the work done and nothing else. We take care of everything else.


    Diverse Experience

    Our team of experts have experience working in multiple industries.

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